Saturday, October 27, 2012

Oregon Tough!

Out walking the dog this morning, I came across this in the local park. These are seven-year-olds playing their weekly soccer game. What you can't see in this arguably way blurry phone photo is that it's raining pretty hard. The kids don't seem to mind. I guess if you want to play any little league sport in Oregon most any time but summer, you have to be rough and tough enough to play in the rain!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today's Laugh: Kid Poetry

When out walking the dog in the morning, I often pass a local (SE Portland) elementary/middle school. They have what is known as a poetry post on one corner - there may be more, but this is the one I see. A poetry post is a, um, post with a box on it like the type realtors might use to allow you to take a flyer or the box may just be flat with a space to, um, post something in it. They are all over; people have them in front of their houses with a favorite poem or poetry of their own.
This morning as I passed the school, I saw this wonderful kid poem. Enjoy!

(I really love the "I want my life back" line!)