Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Bill Nye, Science Guy, Dispels Poverty Myths

Bill tells it like it is. If you're not familiar with these poverty and foreign aid facts, this two minute video is very educational. Spread it around. It's good for people to know.
(I originally saw this on Upworthy via Huff Post)

Monday, February 3, 2014

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

... or, Why we have a hard time liking the USPS.

I'm waiting for a package. It was sent to me USPS Priority. I went on their site to see when it would be delivered. I ordered on Friday 1/31 and it was shipped the same day. The PO didn't recognize the order until the next day 2/1 and that was just to tell me the electronic shipping info had been received. There was absolutely no information over the weekend. Nothing again on Monday 2/3 until late in the evening. The thing that gets me about the above status information is it says they received it into their Sort Facility in New Mexico at 10:09pm on Monday 2/3, and at the top says the expected delivery day is Monday February 3. Probably not.

I know UPS is a for profit company that can spend all kinds of money on fancy this and that, but why can they tell me moment to moment where my package is, but the USPS can't even figure out delivery dates. If you can't make the service work well, maybe it's better not to offer it at all...
/end rant