Friday, March 6, 2009

DIY Table Display - Part I

Last year I upgraded my tabling display and was pretty happy with it. The problem was that it had all of my earrings laying down. I thought that many of them would be better presented if they were hanging somehow, but I wanted the hanging apparatus - whatever that might be - to fit in with the new decor. Since I was starting the Portland Saturday Market this month, I wanted to find something new. I looked and looked. Everywhere. Too many places. I finally found what I wanted at Ikea. It was simple and straightforward; basically just a bar on a stand. Perfect! Only they didn't have it anywhere - not online, not in any store that I checked. Shit. So I kept looking. The other evening I started wandering around a craft store to come up with something to make. The staff was beginning to wonder about me because I was there for so long, wandering around, back and forth. I basically knew I was going to use two dowels to make a bar and stand, but what to use as a base? It finally came to me: small plant pot! I found the dowel that was the size of the hole in the bottom of the pot. Once at home, I sawed the dowels to size and nailed the pieces together. I then glued them for extra strength. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures (I *thought* I did...), but after the glue was set, I gessoed the bars as primer and to give them a little texture. They were then painted black. The plant pots work great, but needed something to stablize the bars, so inside is a chunk of styro fitted to the pot with a hole for the stick. Perfect! Total cost was about $2.50 (I had the gesso and paint). It goes to the test tomorrow and I hope to remember to take pictures of the finished product and how it looks on the table.

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Leah said...

I like the flower pot base - brilliant!