Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rules for Apartment Living

• If you can hear me, I can hear you too.
• If the water pressure in the shower changes dramatically, quickly step out of the flow of water. It’s about to get really hot or really cold.
• If you don’t want me touching your clothes, remove them from the washer or dryer within a reasonable amount of time, then I don’t have to.
• You’re friends screaming up to you in your apartment is never really cute. Particularly after, say, midnight.
• Smoking outside is cool. Smoking outside of my apartment is not.
• Saying hello if we pass is ok. I live here too, I’m your neighbor. Hell, we could even chat!
• If you have an “issue” with me, it would be helpful if you approached me about it first before going to the management. I’m fairly reasonable.
• If you’re posting lists of rules for apartment living on your blog, it’s time to seriously consider finding someplace new to live.

(probably to be continued...)

1 comment:

High Desert Diva said...

Yes, yes.....move!

I hope you find a nice, quiet place....