Saturday, June 13, 2009

Today's Reality Check

"Sorrowful homecoming: Four-year-old Caden Lawson Parrish salutes as an Army honor guard carries the casket of his father, Army Spc. Charles Dustin "Dusty" Parrish, off a plane at the Alabama Air National Guard base in Birmingham. Parrish died June 4 after being mortally wounded in Jahlad, Iraq."

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tmrisby said...

I didn't notice my family the day I arrived at the airport with my son, all I saw was my son's coffin. Looking at this picture is hard but it reminds me on those days when I feel I can't go on, that I must. My grandson saluting his father is heartwrenching, the little boy beside him in tears is Dusty's little brother. These are my reasons. I miss my son dearly.