Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chilly Basement Bathroom

To the left is the bathroom in the basement. This is actually after I clean it up. There were several colors of paint, rusty pipes, wall needing patching, etc. I've painted all the walls (in the rest of the basement too) and pipes one color so - I tell myself - it looks industrial, not just crappy. The color is actually a warm beige, depends on the light though.

This is right outside my studio/office and is currently the only shower in the house. In other words, I use this bathroom a lot. For some reason, the builders of this facility couldn't see their way clear to actually putting the wall all the way to the ceiling. Therefore, when you shower all the heat is gone by the time you step out. This is in the basement and it's November. It's a bit nippy. I needed a cheap, quick, but hopefully not totally unattractive fix for this problem. After much thought of options, I naturally came to draping something. I was hoping for something that wouldn't get yicky too. My cheap solution: a clear shower curtain, sliced up, hole punched and strung on monofilament. I'm happy to report that it works! Because it is accordioned it still lets in some air (good) and light (good), while also keeping the warm air in (also good).


Leah said...

nicely done! I gotta come over and visit and see all the new color on the walls!

I wanna see what the house looks like with you in it! (sorry I haven't made it over yet!)

Curly Girl Glass said...

I've just done the basement, and that's not done yet. Come on by! I'm probably home. Bring your work gloves - I can always find something fun to do!... ;)

Purplebears said...

I have an unfinished basement with a shower that has open rafters above; now I'm going to need to fix that. Still haven't taken a shower there - and I don't think I will till it can be warm and snugly.