Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crunching Footsteps

"Is that...?" "Hey, it's snowing!" "It's really coming down." "Yeah, but it never sticks." "I know."
This was the conversation yesterday afternoon standing in my kitchen with my friend Leah looking out the picture window. A couple of hours later, there were inches of snow. Kids were sledding down my street. I ended up walking to a party I went to last night - couldn't drive in the stuff. It was actually quite beautiful. The side streets were pretty quiet and you could hear the crunch of your feet in the snow. It was already starting to melt when I left the party a few hours later. These pictures were taken this morning of what was left. When I went out today, there were some sad, melting snowmen sort of tilting over, their heads really small. Tonight it's mostly gone.

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