Friday, February 5, 2010

Meet Koko!

This is Koko. Yeah, I know. She looks a whole lot like Kana's little sister, but that's not why I trekked on down to the Humane Society to adopt her. She's the dog that had been at the OHS the longest (3 months), and I don't think an older dog - Koko is 7 - should have to spend time in the hooskow. My new cutie is a sweet, well trained and (mostly) well behaved girl. Here she is hanging in the backyard, gnawing on her new favorite toy, the orange orb. Koko loves to go for long, very fast walks and we are both getting our girlish figures back from the exercise. We also regularly visit local dog parks where she meets and greets all the other dogs, but isn't quite sure how to play with them yet. She's made herself right at home in the house - my futon/sofa may never be the same... Koko has been with me just about 3 weeks now (I know, I'm a lousy mama for not posting her cute mug sooner. These are actually the first pictures I've taken of her.) and we already have a host of nicknames: Koko -> Kokomo -> Kokomojito -> Mojito -> Momo -> Moki.


Anonymous said...

sweet and you are good for adopting her. she will have a great home and make a great companion. like the nicknames too.

High Desert Diva said...

Pretty girl.