Thursday, May 20, 2010

Comfortable Much? or Letting Sleeping Dog Lie

When I moved into my house, I intended to get a sofa, but in the meantime put my futon in its place. Then I got Koko. The futon became hers. It started with her sleeping on it (see the sheet and little blanket? vain attempt to keep it somewhat clean.)

Next it was her sitting on the top of it to stare out the window and wait for me when I leave the house. Now it's just devolved into her sleeping on the mooshed down part. I've given up trying to keep it "fixed" and suitable for human habitation. The only way to get it back into any sort of shape would be to lay it flat and pound on it. I've put the idea of buying a sofa on hold for now. I guess if this is the worst Koko does, I should be pretty grateful!

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