Friday, July 18, 2014

Raspberry Vinegar

With many raspberry bushes pumping out tons of berries, every summer I try to find new, delicious ways to use the rasppies. Summertime brings raspberry ices, buttermilk cake, smoothies, etc.

I used to buy raspberry vinegar for salad dressing, but couldn't find it here (Portland). Last year, I decided to make my own. Easy. Delicious. Fresh. Genius! Simply fill a jar about half way with fresh berries, fill the jar with white wine vinegar, place in a dark spot, and patiently wait two or three weeks. VoilĂ !

Once you pour off the vinegar, you are left with a mess of mushy, vinegar soaked berry bodies. I hated to throw them out. To me, the most logical application would be a raspberry vinaigrette. I threw the berries into the blender with olive oil, garlic, dill, and a little black pepper. Again, voilĂ !

The pink concoction is very tangy and, weirdly, has the taste of balsamic vinegar. I haven't tried it yet on a salad, but think that once diluted over a pile of lettuce will be wonderful. (I hope so. I have a lot of it!)

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