Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Rainfall Necklace

I love the bold graphic of this new piece, Rainfall Necklace. It's simple and modern, but has a distinctly tribal feel also. The contrast in materials of the hard sterling and soft leather cord adds another dynamic that really brings this together for me. I guess I'm just really fixated on circles and should just come to accept this about myself!

This was another jewelry design that appeared to me fully formed that I was able to translate into metal. Lots of my ideas don't necessarily work out when I try to fabricate them and, literally, end up on the scrap heap.

I did discover something funny and potentially dangerous when working with tubing: when you apply fire to the piece after quenching the piece or pickling it, the water left in the tube quickly (in seconds) becomes steam and shoots out the ends. Scared the poop out of me the first time it happened! This necklace is currently available in my Etsy shop.


Paper Girl Productions said...

Rainfall is lovely!

High Desert Diva said...


What is it about circles that is so appealing? I love 'em