Monday, October 13, 2008

An Apple (or Eight) A Day

My local nursery has an annual apple festival. Tastings, music, kid's stuff, it's pretty big. It goes on for a couple of weekends and loads of people come out for it. I stopped by yesterday and picked up some different lovelies (although they were out of Winesaps *sob*). I bought some Galas to make an apple crisp with, which I made yesterday afternoon. I would show off that tasty treat with a photo, but it, um, is all gone already... But rest assured, it was yummy! I also bought a couple of different types of local honey - the jars in the photo. One is called Neighborhood and has a distinctly minty taste which should be quite scrumptious in tea. I have enough apples to make another crisp and I will. Maybe this time I'll get a few pictures before eating it all up. Maybe.

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High Desert Diva said...

I bought a huge sack of apples last weekend....fresh from Hood River. Haven't made a crisp yet. I tend to devour them too fast! Lately everything I've eaten has gone straight to my thighs. *sob*