Monday, December 15, 2008

Crafty Wonderland/Winter Wonderland

This is the equivalent of an all-out blizzard in Portland. The picture on the left is Sunday morning. It had been snowing for maybe an hour. On the right is Monday morning. The storm has moved on and there's a crystal blue sky. It's pretty cold out right now (for PDX), in the 20s, and the snow is either icy or crunchy. The city has shut down: schools are closed, people are home from work, no one's out. I'm liking it. I like that we get to live with a bit of snow (I threw a snowball at some boys this morning...) for a few days and then it goes away. It's not here for months. It's pretty for a couple of days.

For Kana, the jury is still out on this snow stuff.

Unfortunately, this winter wonderland killed Crafty Wonderland. And for that it's not so pretty.

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High Desert Diva said...

Sorry to hear the snow ruined the sale. Big bummer.

I don't miss the icy snow of the valley. Our snow is powder. We literally swept snow off the front porch.