Friday, December 26, 2008


I try not to complain about customers. Almost all of them are truly wonderful. However (there's always a however...), last week I had a customer that purchased an item around 2pm. I had the item and was prepared to package it and put it in the mail the next day. Around 6pm the same day I get negative feedback from this woman because she insisted I mailed her order - a mere few hours later? - to the wrong address. I hadn't even packaged up her order, let alone printed the shipping label. She never tried to contact me prior to leaving negative feedback to find out what happened. She saw on her Paypal account her address, not the address she wanted the earrings sent to, so she assumed I screwed up (and obviously totally ruined her Christmas). The address was just that listed in her Paypal account. When I contacted her to explain the situation, her reaction was "oh, ok". No "I'm sorry." Nothing. I explained that this unearned negative feedback can affect my business and asked if she would use Etsy's "Kiss and Make-up" feature to amend the feedback. I have heard nothing from her.
It is the only negative feedback I have received in over 2 years on Etsy. I am complaining about this woman here because I can't on Etsy. All I can say is she clearly is a moron and a bitch.
Ahhh, that's better.
/end rant


High Desert Diva said...


That sucks.

keltban said...

She didn't bother to check her paypal address at all and put the blame on you. Whenever I use paypal the shipping address always defaults to my home address and I don't get any packages sent there b/c I would never get them. Some customers can never be pleased no matter what. Hope this didn't ruin your holiday!! I love all your's the best!