Thursday, February 12, 2009

(Used) To-Do List

I've been thinking lately about things that I really enjoy and, for one reason or many, haven't done in a long time. Here's a list of a dozen that came to mind. It's by no means complete and in no particular order. I'm not sure the purpose of posting this other than it might inspire me to actually get back to some of these.
1. Camping. A group outing is best - cuts down on how many times I have to cook... Love sitting by a fire and chatting or singing late into the night.
2. Hot Springs. Nothing like a soak in really hot water in the great outdoors (combined with camping and I'm in heaven!). A hot tub is only an ok substitute.
3. Live Music. Jazz, pop, blues, classical - I'm game for most of it. Used to see live music several times a month.
4. Ballet. Or other types of live dance. Certain types of circuses fall into this category also.
5. Theatre.
6. Hiking. A challenging (or not so challenging) hike to a beautiful vista - or a hot springs - makes me feel alive. Long walks on the beach also clear my head.
7. Long Bike Rides. I can't run from here to the corner, but I can ride my bike for miles. I complain about hills, but the thrill of getting to the top - and of course speeding down the other side - is wonderful.
8. Picnics.
9. Going to Museums.
10. Gardening. Self explanatory: I currently live in an apartment. I have lots of house plants, but they are a poor substitute.
11. Travel. I've done quite a bit of traveling and love seeing new places, meeting people from different cultures, etc. I'm jonzing for an adventure.
12. Bake Bread. I used to bake bread weekly. I love the way bread dough is alive, it breathes and grows. I had a sourdough culture in my refrigerator for years. I really have no excuse for this one since I'm home all the time.

p.s. Happy Birthday Abe!


Leah said...

girl - from your heart to mine! I totally hear you. I think its common interests like this that make people like us love Oregon.

I foresee a trip to hotsprings in our very near future :) Or perhaps a little snow-shoeing while the roads to Bagby are covered in snow and inaccessible.

Leah said...

check this out:

its the hotsprings forum where people post the road conditions for getting up Mt Hood to Bagby hotsprings... one guy posted pictures

Curly Girl Glass said...

Dang! It's beautiful, but I'm not driving on THAT! Anyhow, I can't go anywhere until I know Mz.K's sitch.