Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicken Butt Fresh

While I was out and about yesterday, I was driving by my neighbor Frank's house. He was sitting outside, so I stopped to say hello. Frank is just shy of 91 and is as sharp and sprightly as any 30 year old. I first met him through my daily forays to the dog park where he goes to chat and let his big dog, Herkie (short for Hercules) run around - both Frank and Herkie are the respective human and dog mayors of the dog park. I hadn't seen either of them since Kana died back in February and I stopped going to the park. Dr. Frank, professor emeritus of psychology at PSU, knows something about everything, can chat about anything and has led an incredibly interesting life. Considering some of the things he's been through and seen (like concentration camps) he's got an intensely positive outlook about it all. It's always entertaining to hang out a bit with Frank.

Last year, Frank decided to get himself a few chicks to keep in his backyard and the dog park folks got almost daily updates on the growth and progress of the chickens. Yesterday, I inquired about the girls and Frank took me in back to have a look. They are huge and beautiful and Frank seems very proud. I was gifted with three chicken-butt-fresh eggs taken right out from under them. How lucky can a girl get?

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Leah said...

sounds like a great stop-n-chat and I'll bet the eggs were tastey!!