Sunday, October 11, 2009

Doing the Floors

I knew that all the floors - beside the kitchen and bath - on the main were hardwood under the carpet. I wanted to have them all refinished before I moved in. If you've ever experienced going through this while living in a house, you know it's not pleasant. Has to happen when you and your stuff aren't there, if possible. Thing was that I couldn't tear up the carpet to let the floor guy check them out until I actually owned the place. I got the keys Thursday afternoon and he came over Friday, so Thursday night I started pulling the carpets. I thought best-case-scenario that he'd be able to start maybe Monday or Tuesday and I'd have the weekend to get the work done. He said he could get a guy in to start on Saturday!! This meant that all the carpet, padding, tack strips and staples needed to be gone by then. Thank goodness for the kindness and brawn of my friend Pete, who came over Friday and busted his ass for several hours helping me get it all done (thankyou! thankyou! thankyou!). Here's a "in progress" pix of pulling the carpets in the LR and DR. The bedroom floors had unfortunately been painted too and will take extra work (and $$) to get fixed, but I've been assured they will be beautiful.


Leah said...

lookin' good! Thank goodness for Pete!

How did the work go this weekend then?!

Sara Thomas Designs Studio said...

OOOhh! Hardwood floors! They are so nice! Your house is just adorable and has so much potential. A perfect, blank canvas.

It does remind me so much of my home with the paneling and the carpets over beautiful wood floors. Ugh, why did people do that anyway? I wish we knew to get the carpets out before moving in. I want hardwood floors so bad but can't get my husband on board so much. We ended up taking our living room one out last fall because someone threw a squash through our window and we couldn't get all the glass out. Anyway, I think someday Pete (my husband) will get home from work and I will have the rest of the carpeting out. "Hey, honey!" =)