Monday, March 15, 2010

Parking Karma

At the Portland Saturday Market, the vendors have a parking lot we can use for free – well, it’s part of our monthly membership. The on-the-street paid parking begins at 1pm on Sundays (yes, Sunday meters - a sure sign of the apocalypse). So yesterday, when there was a race on Naito Parkway and no way to get to the vendor parking lot, I was forced to park on the street knowing full well that I would probably get a ticket. I can’t really leave my booth during the market, particularly not for the time it would take to move my car and walk back. I did the only thing I could think of. I tore off a piece of paper and left a note on my window for the potential ticket-writer.
Here’s the actual note:
I had absolutely no hope this would work at all, but of course, it did. When I finished packing up my booth and headed back to my car, I was sure that I’d find a ticket on my windshield. My parking karma was like a protective cloak, keeping me ticket free. I’d like to thank Sunday’s parking enforcement personnel for their judiciousness. xoxo

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