Thursday, March 25, 2010

Berry Berry Exciting

The woman whose house I bought was a canner. She had loads of raspberry bushes (and I'm told they are really good berries). Well, spring is springing and the berry bushes have started to bud.

There is also a currant bush that was way overgrown and had a lot of dead wood. I chopped it way back - almost to the ground - and it's come back with gusto.

I've since put in two blueberry bushes, because I love me some blueberries. I was told you need at least two bushes to cross pollinate. I got two different kinds, one that fruits mid-season, and one that fruits later. And in a strawberry pot... strawberries. As it's been so warm in Portland, all the plants are budding and flowering. I'm very excited about the potential bounty this summer!


Leah said...

berry deliciousness!!! I can't wait to taste test :)

Slumptown said...

oh so many delicious berries, I am jealous. =)