Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yes, but no ham.

These were my breakfast eggs. The one on the left was much greener than it seems here.
I was invited out to lunch at my friend, and fellow Portland Saturday Market vendor, Jayne's house. Well, actually I was returning the tile saw she and husband Mario blessedly loaned to me for my work in the bathroom. The saw saved hours of time and a whole lot of my sanity. So I was bringing the wonderful tool back. Jayne's place is out on a piece of family land and they have a very large chicken coop and 13 lovely Spice Girls (all the chickens are named after a spice). When I was leaving after our delicious lunch, I was presented with a half dozen fresh eggs. I didn't look at them until this morning when I went to make my breakfast. They are absolutely lovely eggs. Huge and lovely. I had to take pictures, fascinated by something so everyday striking me as so beautiful. One of the eggs I had this morning was a stunning moss green. Alas, being vegetarian, I had no ham with my green egg.


Rebecca said...

That is so cool I didn't know egg actually came in green. I need to come over and see your sexy new bathroom.

AdobeSol said...

Beautiful eggs and SUPER large! I used to have chickens that laid colored eggs. It was like Easter every day!