Monday, September 28, 2009

Sewer Scare

So far, the inspections have gone incredibly well. Then we got to the sewer scope. Here in Portland, when you buy a house, you have someone come out and put a camera down from the house, out the sewer pipes, and out to the sewer main to make sure it's clear and not broken or leaking.
While I wasn't there for this one, it sounded weird. He couldn't tell where the scope went, it went out for a realllly long way, stuff like that. It was a "party line" (connected with your neighbors - not good) and he saw broken pipe (also not good). This was going to have to be fixed prior to the closing and it might take a while to complete that process. It could put off closing by a while. Part of me relaxed because it gave me more time to take care of all the things I need to do to move, but it also meant waiting, another month's rent, and moving in November - October is a much better month to be crazy in with respect to work. BUT, the next day I got a call from my agent telling me it was a mistake, it's all good and in fine condition. The scary part is the City's problem, not mine (confirmed with the City's sewer people). Phew. It means the closing date is still the 8th and I'm starting to have that deer-in-the-headlights look about me.

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