Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Unexpected Bounty

Ok, maybe bounty is too broad a word for this...
Last spring I found this onion happily growing in my cabinet. --->
I thought two things: 1) I really should cook more often, and 2) if this onion is trying so hard to grow, I really should plant it. While I only cook a bit more than before, I did put the growing onion in a planter box I have. I live in an apartment, so this was as good as gardening was going to get for me. I even remembered to water it every now and again! It seemed to doing ok, but it wasn't really flourishing and after a fashion I gave up on/forgot about it. Yesterday I was poking around in the dirt and pulled out what I thought would be the shrived roots and found this! Guess I'm going to have to cook them this time.

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