Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I don't often buy the just-add-water-type of meals. They usually aren't very good and they tend to come in packaging that just goes straight to the landfill. But, I was out the other day picking up a couple of things for camping and thought I'd try one that looked better than most (how easy when camping to pop it open dump in some boiling water and have a semi-decent hot meal in 3 minutes?). Honestly, it was ok, not great, just ok. And then I was left with the packaging.

The container the "Auntie Chun's" soup bowls come in is actually a harder plastic and it has a lid. Had to use it for something. Ding: new planter.

I marked some spots and drilled a bunch of drain holes in the bottom and along the bottom edge with my flex-shaft.

The containers are a nice, innocuous beige and when using the lid as the planter bottom, the name is even hidden. It's big enough for smaller plants or starters, and the lid has divots that collect a bit of over-watering. Although I didn't try, I'm guessing they are also paintable with the right material.

Both me and my plants are happy with the results.

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