Monday, August 15, 2011

Bucket o' Spuds

 Last year, I planted red potatoes in the garden. We did not this year, but we have had several volunteers* and decided to leave them grow. We have four or five robust plants. Unfortunately, since we didn't actually plant them, they have come up in some not-necessarily-convenient locations. With the garden in full bloom, one can get a bit tired of having to step over the giant potato plant that happen to come up in the path. After the umpteenth time, my lack of patience gets the best of me and I pull them up. This picture is the bucket o' taters I reaped from one (yup one!) of the plants. The big one in the middle is probably over 4" long.

*I'm guessing the volunteers are from tiny taters I missed when digging out the potatoes last year. They got spread around when we turned the soil and added compost this spring.

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