Sunday, August 7, 2011

More Bounty From The Garden

Well, the-world's-greatest-neighbors and I are just tickled pink at the produce the garden patch is pumping out this year. And to think it looked like this just a few months ago! Now it's bursting at the seams. Here are a few pics of the lovelies I have eaten this past week.

I do love me some artichoke! The most perfect vehicle for warm garlic butter. This is the first one of the season (more are on the way) and a right good size. Yum.

These were the main ingredients for a lovely cold zucchini soup I made. Wonderful onions, heaps of fresh mint and a zuke that measured in at 14"! We have had several of these monsters already and needed to come up with something - besides zucchini bread... - to not let them go to waste. With a little creativity you can use a mess o' zukes to make this soup. Very tasty and perfect on a hot summer day.

And last in this little photo tour is the sweet corn that we just started to harvest this week. I was so excited, I peeled it and started eating it while literally still standing in the garden. Couldn't resist! As delicious and juicy as it looks. Pretty thrilled that the corn matured properly this year as it was less-than-stellar last year.

I currently have red potatoes, eggplant and beans in the fridge waiting for my next culinary adventure.


Leah said...

nicely done! quite the farmers :)

Purplebears said...

How fun! I never tried corn right in the field. The corn in our area didn't turn out this year - so disappointing. Fresh corn is one of the highlights of my summer.

Curly Girl Glass said...

Actually, it's really all the-best-neighbor-in-the-world's work. I just reap the benefits.

Sweet raw corn is, well, sweet!