Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ghost Blue

I've had these patio chairs for very many years. I've moved them. Twice. They were a little worn - the original Hunter Green paint was chalky - and it was time for a refresh. After mulling over the myriad colors in which Krylon spray paint is available, I settled on what they call "Blue Ocean Breeze". But I call it Ghost Blue. I love the color on these chairs. It makes me happy. And, they will go with the colors I'm going to paint the house without being too, you know, matchy matchy.

The table, which is what Hunter Green looks like, will also get a new paint job just as soon as the strawberries finish fruiting. The trouble is that a few of the stringers grew through the table, so a fresh coat of Hunter Green will have to wait until those strawberries are eaten.