Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Beginnings Two

Not that I don't ever put anything away but when even I can't find anything on my work bench, it's time to clean up.Clean actually means straightened, not really clean. And it certainly doesn't mean organized. Hopefully that will come about soon, because even straightened up I still can't find stuff. It's no way to work and keeps me from motivating to make jewelry.

After "straightening" however, I did manage to produce a couple of things.
Like this new ring I call Midnight Rising. I really like the look of lapis with sterling, but then, I've always been partial to blue.

I also made this sweet, bright Millefiori Necklace of colorful glass discs wired with oxidized sterling. The colors pop against the contrasting wire. Wire wrapping like this takes lots of time, so I don't do entire necklaces that often, but every now and again...

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