Tuesday, February 26, 2008


A couple of warmer, sunny days entices some plants to start yawning and stretching and, well, just showing off. Here are some lovelies from around the 'hood.

Inspired, I created my own spring flower necklace, Morning Glory Choker. I've had these vintage Lucite flowers around for a bit, but haven't found a good venue for them. The blue aventurine goes really well with the Lucite and I love these chartreuse triangles as modern leaves. It can't stand up to the beauty of the real thing, but then it won't fade away in a week or two either.


beadsnbangles said...

I just posted about some early flowers blooming in my yard. I love your jewelry.

Nicole Solo said...

lovely flowers! I can see 3 red blooms across the road from my balcony and they make me jealous of people with yards! (I'm a terrible balcony gardener -ha)

Curly Girl Glass said...

Thanks beadsnbangles!

Nicole, I live in an apartment. No yard here. These were taken in the neighborhood on a morning walk with my pooch.

Secret Lentil Clothing said...

those are growing in the ground? now? ack. all i see is snow.