Friday, February 29, 2008

You don't get out much, do you?

I was out walking Kana this morning. It's more of a slow stroll than a hike. We passed a couple and this was the conversation:

Weird Couple (WC): That's an old dog. How old is she?
Me: Yeah, she's almost 12.
WC: Well I guess that breed ages fast.
Me: Larger dogs don't live as long as smaller dog do.
WC: Maybe she'll make it another year or two.
Me: *glaring at them as they walk away*

WTF? I honestly think they thought they were leaving me with a happy thought, but why would you say that to someone? Well, she might be old, but she's more polite than you'll ever be.


almapottery said...

some people are just plain weird.I hate when they leave me with nothing to say because I don't want to be rude.
I love your jewelry .

*DaniCalifornia* said...

Oh no! poor Kana... what DO you say to people like that? well... she's gorgeous, and she loves you so f that ! LOL