Sunday, August 24, 2008

Spot Curl Earrings

I got a custom order for my Speck Earrings, but without the stone. While I was playing with them, I thought it would be groovy (Yes, I still say groovy.) to have them curl around. So were born a very simple, yet stylish pair of earrings called Spot Curl.

Ok, so the name isn't so clever - ya gots a spot and ya gots a curl: spot curl - but they are dang cute. As I've been out and about, wearing my pair, I've gotten loads of compliments. The other cool thing is you can wear them backwards for just a simple wire look (don't have a photo yet). They're my new favorites.


Giftbearer said...

Very clever design!

Delainie said...

I love these! This is exactly what I need since I LOVE my bitty swirls and lost one. I was just in your Etsy shop when I saw your blog link and now I must go back and keep shopping :) I hope these are listed!