Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wednesday Things

• I finished a new pair of earrings! I call them Crescent Curls and they are now listed in my Etsy shop. I love how the curlicue earwires add depth and a design element that contrasts with the strong curve.
• I'm almost done with my new necklace called Cascade. It's been unreasonably long in getting finished.
• It's a wonderfully sunny day today. Kana and I were just sitting outside enjoying the warmth.
• My personal curls are totally out of control and I'm finally going to get them lopped on Friday. (I guess that's really a Friday thing...)
• I took Kana to the vet and we have hopefully discovered the cause of some of her behavior of late. I thought it was purely a behavioral issue, but through discussions, it turns out it may actually be medical. This is good and bad. Good for the understanding, bad because it means Kana may have a type of cancer. Need to get tests to know for sure.
• I've got some ideas and I'm going to start working on a small jewelry series.
• Lunch was really yummy!


Waterrose said...

The piece in your picture is beautiful! ...ahh cutting the curls..

BaldyLocks said...

Those earing are amazing! Beautiful.

I was going to get my new curls cut off but we've come to a truce in the last couple of days. I said they can stay.

Octavine Illustration said...

i'm glad you're figuring out what is going on with kana. good to have all the facts. don't cut too many of the curls off, they're so lovely. oh, and i found a little mickey and minnie in my stove. exterminator is coming today. that was the last straw. the blog looks beautiful by the way....